How to Write an Engaging Blog Post

Words are very influential things. They can move one to tears, make one go up in arms, or make one do just about anything. But more than just the interplay of words, it’s going to take more than that to create a blog post that will keep your readers engaged from beginning to end.

So, how do you get your reader’s full attention? We have outlined here some tips for you that’ll definitely get the job done.

It’s not just about the content, grab their attention first with your headline.

Before your readers can even read your content, your headline must catch their attention first. Be honest, would you rather read a blog that says, “Quick Facts About Roses” or, “The Hidden Truths About Roses”? Be creative.

Identify who your target audience is.

Are your target audience moms who are looking for home improvement tips? Teen-aged boys and girls who are seeking advice to improve their life? A dad who needs to augment his income? Whoever it is that you want to talk to, or no matter who your target audience is, paint a picture inside your head about who they really are so that you’ll know best how to convey your message through your blog.

Remember, you’re writing for others, not for yourself.

A blog is not just what you’re passionate about. It’s about the answer to your readers’ needs. You don’t blog just to share your feelings nor your ambitions nor that sudden spark of genius that is for you are screaming to change the world. Those are best confined to your journal, or maybe if you’re brave enough – your Facebook wall! People go to blogs because they are looking for answers or solutions to their problems. Before you hit the “publish button” better ask yourself first, “Am I really solving a problem or am I just adding to it?”

A blog is not a term paper or your science project.

In school, we’ve always been taught to write in a more professional manner. The grammar. The punctuations. The words. But with a blog, you have to speak with your readers. If they feel that you are in some higher place they can never reach nor understand, they’ll leave. Add a dash of humor if you can help it. A quick smile or a good laugh always never hurt.

Be real.

Don’t you ever fake it! People will know if you’re not really an expert as you want to appear to be, and people will know if you’re not being authentic.

Don’t leave them hanging.

Help your readers by telling them what to do after they’ve read your blog. Whether you want them to leave a comment, click on your social media buttons, share some things, buy your stuff… do yourself a favor and please do tell them what to do next. Or somebody else will!

Remember, the “back” button is your blog’s worst enemy. Readers can easily bid your post goodbye with just a single click. Keep them hooked and don’t let them leave.

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